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Paper cup machine suitable for the market
Our company is a scientific research entity specializing in the development of environmentally friendly mechanical equipment and practical new technology research. It has all-round advantages from research and development to mass production in the field of environmental protection machinery. Developed a new generation of automatic paper cup machine, which won the respect and trust of the majority of users.
The company regards product quality as its life and continuously introduces new technologies and various talents. In order to ensure product quality, the company has built a strict quality system project and established a perfect quality assurance system. The paper cup machine can not only produce ordinary cups with high quality and low price, but also produce high-grade advertising cups. It integrates practical, artistic and environmental protection. It has a large profit margin and is a good project for individuals to invest and set up factories and laid-off workers to start a second business. The paper cup machine is widely used in various fields of national life. It not only saves energy and protects the environment, but also facilitates life. It also solves the livelihood of some laid-off workers and is a good project supported by the state.
The machine can produce advertising cups, cartoon cups, auspicious cups, hidden cups, blessing cups, celebration cups, idol cups, art cups, constellation cups, coffee cups, etc., while art paper cups and funny paper cups are becoming more and more popular, gradually becoming The new darling of the market. Paper cup machines produce a wide variety of paper cups and a wide range of areas. The main consumer areas are: office areas, entertainment venues, public places, conferences of different sizes, group outings and so on.
The process of using the paper cup machine to produce paper cups is simple and easy to use, and can be made into paper cups after lamination, slitting, printing patterns, unfolding and other processes. The technical parameters of the paper cup machine are in line with the national standard of the relevant products. It has a variety of paper cup specifications and high productivity. The paper cup machine produces paper cups with low cost. The specific cost involves the quality and weight of the paper, the size of the paper cup, and the printing. The number of colors, in general, the cost of each paper cup is between 2-4 points, compared with the market retail price, has a very substantial profit.
The process of producing paper cups by paper cup machines is not only simple, but also the variety of paper cups produced, and the paper cup machine itself has an inestimable advantage. It has a high degree of automation, and the processes of paper feeding, sealing and oiling are all automated; one machine is multi-purpose, one paper cup machine has various specifications and shapes of molds; it can adjust production speed, automatic counting and other functions.

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