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Paper cup machine startup precautions
When the paper cup machine starts, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there is a staff member in the maintenance work and confirm that no one can run.
To avoid accidental injury to the paper cup machine, we need to check if there are any people around the machine before starting the machine. After confirmation, we can prompt other operators to start up by shouting.
After the paper cup machine is running, it is necessary to carry out trial production work, and carry out preliminary debugging work according to the paper cups that need to be produced. For example, first produce a paper cup, and then observe its quality, such as the yellowing of the paper cup, the bottom is not strong, water leakage, etc., indicating that the parameters of the paper cup machine are not adjusted. According to the paper cups produced, we need to analyze the problems and debug the parameters in a targeted manner to ensure that the quality can reach the requirements before mass production.

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