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Paper cup machine routine maintenance
Paper cup machine maintenance and repair, do not need professional fitter technology, he needs a little flexible mind, need to understand a little cam mechanism, chain drive mechanism, and some basic principles of the index box, each part of the Good lubrication and imprisonment are necessary conditions for the normal operation of the machine, and the temperature control of each heater can cause the explosion or the bottom of the cup to leak due to the influence of the temperature of the cup after the molding (adhesion) is too high or too low. For the domestic cup machine, The favorite part is the knurling rolling mill. This part is the key point. The pressure cannot be added too much. For the ultrasonic welding machine, the frequency of the ultrasonic wave must be adjusted. The pressure should not be too large, and please try to maintain the pressure balance. . Now China is still popular, but the running performance of those machines is very stable, and there are more faults on the electrical appliances. In short, no matter what kind of cup machine, please pay attention to the time coordination of each part.

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