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Future paper cup machines are developing towards environmental protection
Some foaming agents used in the production process will destroy the atmospheric ozone layer, while others have serious safety hazards; improper use at high temperatures will easily produce substances harmful to human health; discarding them after use will cause serious problems. Environmental pollution; buried in the soil is difficult to degrade, causing pollution to soil and groundwater, and recycling and disposal is very difficult. Therefore, although plastics also have the advantages of low cost, heat resistance and water resistance, due to environmental considerations, the relevant departments of the state have successively issued a series of documents such as “Emergency Notice on Immediately Stopping the Production of Disposable Foamed Plastic Tableware”. The measures strictly prohibit the use of disposable foamed plastic tableware. Only clean, non-polluting paper materials are most suitable for disposable cups. “To replace paper with paper” has become a trend.
The machine for making disposable paper cups is a paper cup machine. It is understood that there are currently not many products in the paper cup machine market, the power consumption is too large, and the excessive investment in the early stage is not conducive to attracting funds into the industry, stimulating the production of paper cup machines and disposable paper cups. . According to researchers at the R&D Center, paper cup machines have low investment, low energy consumption, and simple operation. They are very suitable for family investment and entrepreneurship, and the market prospects will be very good.
Automatic paper cup machine, which produces finished paper cups through continuous processes such as automatic paper feeding, sealing, oiling, bottoming, heating, knurling, crimping, unloading, etc. Not only is the paper suitable for a wide range, it can be applied to 150g/m? -280g/m? domestic and imported paper, and the same machine can be easily exchanged through the mold, can produce paper cups of different specifications and sizes.
According to statistics, in 2006, China's paper cup consumption was about 10 billion. It is expected to increase at a rate of 50% per year in the next few years. The future paper cup market will continue to expand, and the demand for paper cups has stimulated the demand for paper cup machines.

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