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The reciprocating motion of the paper cup machine is realized by the CAM mechanism.
in general, the production of paper cups is an iterative process, is through the continuous cycle of mechanical action afterlife output a steady stream of paper products. So, you Know?? Actually this kind of paper cup machine continuous repetitive movements are realized through the CAM mechanism of paper cup machine.
General paper cup machine in the production, the machine CAM will rotary motion of CAM mechanism, which promoting the follower of the machine according to certain requirements for reciprocating movement. In this process it is important to note, however, want to let the machine of Follower and CAM point has more close contact, because they are point or line contact, so you need to done by spring or apply external gravity.
In general, the paper cup machine CAM mechanism can make the machine for more complex motion rule of follower, thus realizing the cardboard production cycle, to produce more paper cups products requirements. Generally on the structure and design of CAM mechanism has the characteristics of simple , compact, can achieve a variety of complex movement.

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